What’s Left Undone

Be Still

As an undergrad, I had a professor who looked like she shopped in Stevie Nicks’ closet: floor-sweeping skirts, bell-sleeved ponchos, trailing scarves. Cold weather be damned, she never wore a coat, but just added more layers to her already multi-tiered ensemble. I cannot for the life of me recall what the class was actually about, but […]

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Ring the Bells

A few days ago, I attended the ordination of an Episcopal priest.  In our church, ordination comes after a long process of discernment, evaluation, and three years of seminary and field work.  A good many Episcopal priests have had a career prior to entering seminary; in my current class, we’ve got lawyers, doctors, teachers, and […]

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Recently, a friend and I were discussing, in a roundabout way, the whole idea of bravery, and what it means to be brave in the days we’re allotted on Earth — most of which are filled with hour upon hour of less-than-inspiring tasks.  What would it mean, we wondered, to possess a set of big brass […]

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What a gift it was to discover What’s Left Undone! At a time when all the world appears to be seeking sanity, Corey looks the world directly in the eye and offers it a loving embrace and a healthy dose of “get over yourself.” Her gift is to write with emotion, love, respect for the written word and the reader, and an honesty that pours over you like a warm summer rain.  I look forward to each new post on What’s Left Undone because I know that whatever craziness surrounds me at that moment will be held at bay by her magnificent stories of perfect imperfection.  Read her work now, if for no other reason than one day you’ll be able to say, “I read her before she was famous…”
– Richard Abbott

What’s Left Undone blends irreverence and reverence in a hilarious and often touching blog that celebrates friendships, family and faith without shying away from colorful language or cultural criticism. Her sharp wit and wise words keep me coming back again and again! 
– Susan Johnson